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Suzhou Foreign Language School Xiangcheng Campus (registered name: Sucheng Foreign Language School was founded in September 2017 and is managed by Suzhou Guanghua Education Investment Group. It is a full-time, high-end private K12 school. . The school is located at No. 188, Yucheng Road, Xiangcheng District, Suzhou City, adjacent to the dynamic island business district, surrounded by high-end residential areas, 0.8 km from the exit of Metro Line 4. The school covers an area of 149 acres and a building area of 137,000 square meters.

Suzhou Guanghua Education Investment Group adheres to the fine tradition and spirit of Suzhou Guanghua Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., with the concept of “returning society and education first”, and has successively established Suzhou Industrial Park Vocational and Technical College and Suzhou Foreign Language School. Suzhou Xincaoqiao Middle School, Taizhou First Foreign Language School, Yancheng Foreign Language School, Sucheng Foreign Language School (Suwai Xiangcheng Campus), Kuncheng Foreign Language School (Suwai Kunshan Campus), Jiangyin Foreign Language School (Suwai Jiangyin Campus), Nanjing Binjiang Development Zone Foreign Language School (Suwai Nanjing Campus), Lianyungang Haizhouwan Foreign Language School (Suwai Lianyungang Campus), Zhenjiang Foreign Language School (Suwai Zhenjiang Campus), Zhangjiagang Free Trade Zone Foreign Language School (Suwai Zhangjiagang Campus), etc. school. The company has never forgotten its original intentions, does not disgrace its mission, and is based on the great love of education entrepreneurs and leaders in the new era. Based on industry, deep education and return to society, the company has trained a large number of outstanding talents for the country. Suzhou Guanghua Education Investment Group has become the China Civil Affairs Office. A leader in the field of basic education.

Suzhou Foreign Languages School Xiangcheng Campus was founded only 15 months. Kindergartens, elementary schools and high schools were respectively qualified by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) for the PYP Young Project Candidate School and the DP University Foundation Program. The school also received the Cambridge International School. Card, IFD University Foundation Program Certification; signed a high school diploma project cooperation memo with the US-Canada Quality School District.

As a 15-year-old school, Suwai Xiangcheng Campus has an Early Learning Center, PYP Kindergarten, PYP Primary School, Domestic Junior High School and International Junior High School, and International High School. The school implements small class teaching, and the boarding system is implemented in the upper primary school. The school also provides special school bus transfer service and nutritious breakfast service for parents in need. The school mainly recruits Chinese students, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan students, and recruits some international students.

With the goal of creating a “premium school”, the school is committed to becoming a distinctive IB international school. The so-called "fine" refers to excellent teachers, refined classrooms, refined management, exquisite school buildings, exquisite school uniforms, and elaborately arranged educational environment. The so-called "products" refer to first-class teachers and first-class teachers. School of study.

Boutique is not only a rigorous and serious attitude, a refined thinking, a culture of excellence, but also a respect for the law of education and the nature of education, the careful design of the whole process of education and the precise grasp of the development of education. .

The so-called difference is to recognize and respect the individual differences of each child, to abandon the overall neglect, to emphasize individual attention, not to let any child fall behind, and to focus on education and teaching tailored-tailed and most suitable. (best-fit) education. The school is based on the national curriculum and is guided by the IB curriculum concept. It features the Cambridge Channel Course and the North American High School Diploma. It reflects the selectivity, diversity and diversity, and achieves the advantages of admission, learning and excellence.

The Suwai Xiangcheng Campus has developed the “345” boutique school development strategy, with language education, CAS activities, young connections (growth planning, and guidance for further studies) as the “troika”, with educational mission, educational belief, development vision, and training objectives. The "Four Signs" is based on the "five elements" of teachers, curriculum, activities, culture and security, and establishes the mission of "education for the foundation of life" and implements "inclusive" and "all-person" education.

Education lays the foundation for a lifetime. The Suwai Xiangcheng Campus is committed to providing inclusive and holistic education to every student, making the younger generation a lifelong learner who is knowledgeable, knowledgeable, motivated and caring. They have both Chinese soul and international sentiment. Can contribute to the rejuvenation of the nation and a better and more peaceful world.

The development vision of the school is to provide each student with the most suitable education tailored to the international and domestic education, and to create a unique IB international school.

The motto of the Suzhou Foreign Language School Xiangcheng Campus is: Inclusive

The school ethos of Suzhou Foreign Language School Xiangcheng Campus is: Mingli Innovation

The teaching style of Suzhou Foreign Language School Xiangcheng Campus is: birth to true

The study style of Suzhou Foreign Language School Xiangcheng Campus is: Music Group

The overall goal of the Suzhou Foreign Language School is: Chinese soul, international sentiment.

The specific training objectives of Suzhou Foreign Language School Xiangcheng Campus are:

Actively explore INQUIRERS


Diligent thinking THINKERS

Good at communication COMMUNICATORS

Adhere to the principle PRINCIPLED

Open chest OPEN-MINDED

Know how to care for CARING

Have the courage to try RISK-TAKERS

Comprehensive development BALANCED

Timely reflection REFLECTIVE


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