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It’s been two weeks since the school started. Have you been used to the life in school of the new semester? Maybe you haven’t adapted to the new life here, and you are even a little bit worried. So, here in Suzhou Foreign Language School Xiangcheng Campus, we have the psychological education centre for you to rest your heart.


SCFLS Psychological Education Centre Introduction


Since the foundation of the SCFLS Psychological Education Centre in September 2018, we’ve been carrying forward the school motto—“Inclusive Holistic”, and guiding those in need to let them perceive their problems, actively face and solve problems, so as to form sound personalities.


It is every psychology teacher’s responsibility that the mental health of every child, teacher and family can be guaranteed here in the psychological education centre.


Psychological lectures and counseling will be regularly held, through which the approaches of integrating psychological education with all subjects can be effectively learned. Also, series of theme activities such as life education, interpersonal communication, puberty counseling, career planning, approaches to learning and etc. will be organized.


SCFLS Psychological Education Appointment Policy


Open time: 16:00 Sunday to 17:00 Friday


5th Floor Psychological Education Centre of the North Building of the Primary, 8:00-18:00 during the daytime

晚间 Night Time

18:00-次日8:00 18:00 to 8:00 next day

Q 心理辅导室里都有哪些器材?

What kind of equipment do you have in the counseling room?

A 有沙盘与沙具,音乐放松椅,体感宣泄仪器,智能互动宣泄系统,宣泄墙。在这里你能缓解你的焦虑,宣泄你的情绪,释放你的压力。

We’re equipped with sand table and tools, music relaxing chair, catharsis apparatus, intelligent interactive catharsis system and vent wall. It is the place where you can relieve your anxiety, give vent to your emotions and release your pressure here.

Q 是不是有病的人才能来心理辅导室?

Are only those who have mental illness accessible to the counseling room?

A 寻求心理辅导的绝大多数都是心理健康的正常人。只要在生活中遇到了自己无法解决的各种问题,就能来寻求心理咨询师的帮助,倾吐自己的烦恼。那些极少数有精神障碍的患者的诊断和治疗应该由精神科职业医师作出诊断。

Those who seek for counseling are mostly mentally healthy. As long as you have come across some problems you cannot solve by yourselves, you are welcome to the counseling room for help. A professional psychiatrist should make the diagnosis and treatment of those rare patients with mental disorders.

Q 来心理辅导室寻求帮助会不会被他人知道?

Will others know if I come to ask for help?

A 心理咨询有保密原则。在这里你倾吐的烦恼,不用担心会被别人知道。

There are confidential rules, which means that know one will know your secrets.

Q 心理咨询是不是就是给你提建议?

Is counseling simply equivalent to giving advice?

A 心理咨询工作的基本理念是“助人自助”。因此,心理咨询的目标是让求助者看到自己的问题,认识到自己具有解决问题的能力,并找到解决问题的方法和途径。

The basic idea is to help others to help themselves out. Therefore, the goal of counseling is to let people realize their problems, and discover their abilities and approaches to solving problems.

Q 心理咨询是不是就是聊天?

Is counseling merely talking?

A 会谈法是心理咨询的主要形式之一,但它并不是一般意义的聊天。它是运用一定的咨询技术和方法,以诊断求助者心理问题或以纠正求助者错误认知观念为目的进行的摄入性谈话。除了会谈法以外,还可借助其他方法和手段,比如心理测验、角色扮演、沙盘游戏、团体辅导等形式开展心理咨询。

Talking is one of the major forms of counseling, but with meanings. A certain kind of technique and method is adopted to diagnose the patient’s mental problems or to correct their false cognitive concepts. Apart from talking, other methods such as psychological tests, role-play, sandplay, group counseling and so on can also be adopted to implement psychological consultation.

Q 是不是通过一次心理辅导就能解决心理问题?

Can mental problems be solved through counseling once?

A 解决心理问题需要多长时间取决于两个因素,即求助者的配合程度以及病程和泛化程度。一般来说,来访者求助的意愿越不积极,心理问题形成时间越长,解决的时间就越长。

The length of time for solving the mental problems depends on two factors—cooperation of the patient and the course and degree of generalization. In general, the more inactive the patient is, the longer time the mental problems will develop, thus leading to the longer time for solving the problems.

Q 有心理问题没关系,扛过这一阵就好了,对吗?

It’s OK to have mental problems. All we need to do is to just get over it, right?

A 不是的。心理问题对我们的生活、工作和家庭的影响一定程度上超过生理疾病的影响,严重影响人的生活质量,所以,具有求助意识很重要。如果你感到最近一周以上持续的情绪低落,兴趣丧失或者其他心理困扰,请寻求专业帮助。

No. The effects on our life, work and family caused by mental problems outweigh those caused by physical illnesses to some extent. It can seriously influence people’s quality of life. Therefore, it is important to have an awareness to ask for help. If you have been feeling depressed, disinterested or troubled for more than a week, please seek for professional help.  

Q 来心育中心能测试我的各种心理指标吗?

Can I test various psychological indicators in psychological education centre?

A SCFLS心育中心有专业的测试网站,如果你想更好地了解自己,可以来到心育中心,在老师的指导下进行自我测试。

SCFLS Psychological Education Centre has the professional website for testing. If you want to better know yourself, you can come here to have the self-test under the guidance of our teacher.

Q 心理测验结果不佳,说明我心理有病吗?

Does it mean that I have mental illness if the result is not satisfying?

A 单一的心理测试结果不能评判一个人的心理健康程度,就像不能用体重来衡量一个人的身体健康程度。心理疾病的诊断还需要行为观察、生理反应、情绪反应等其他指标。同时,只有医院的心理门诊才可以下这个诊断,心理咨询师和心理测量师都没有这个权利。

Just like one’s physical health cannot be evaluated by weight, a single psychological testing result also cannot reflect one’s mental health. The diagnosis of mental illness is based on some other indicators, such as behavior observation, physiological reaction, emotional reaction and etc. Meanwhile, the diagnosis can only be made by the psychological clinic in the hospital. Even those psychological counselors and psychometrics don't have the right to make diagnosis.


Dear students, you may feel a bit stressed and nervous right at the beginning of the new semester. However, Psychological Education Centre will always guarantee your mental health in school. Here, you can talk about your troubles freely, and we shall offer you the most sincere help with an equal and respectful attitude, and the confidential rules as well.



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